About Merculet
  1. What is Merculet?

    The naming is inspired by Mercury and Blocklet, the Roman God of Commercial and the cornerstone of blockchain.

    Merculet is positioning as Chief Growth Officer of Global Entrepreneur. Just like Mercury, what we want to do is to leverage the characteristic of blockchain (e.g. , mutual trust) to assist the practice of distributed business civilization.

    What Merculet want to do is to provide the ultimate solution of expediting user’s attention into enterprise growth. It also assists entrepreneurs to get rid of the constraint of monopoly and achieve growth along with the revitalizing of a value­driven market.

  2. What problems does Merculet solve?

    Growth dilemma happens all over the world and various countries are basically oligopolies. When we talking about China’s Internet company, people will only mention Tencent, Baidu, Ali, Weibo and Toutiao, just like Facebook and Google in US.

    Merculet uses blockchain technology to reconstruct production relationships, empower entrepreneurs and protect personal value. What we do is to launch a new era of the Internet.

    For what we do specifically:

    1. Energizing user: the value of users is ignored in the current circumstance, which in turn exacerbates the difficulty of business operations and creates an unpromising cycle. Merculet aims to give to the users the value that is users and help the user obtain the enterprise reward by paying attention to it.

    2. Energizing entrepreneurs: thousands of enterprises are facing growth problem for the increasing of monopoly and the bottlenecks of technical enhancement in the era of blockchain. Merculet allow enterprises to facilitate the rapid issuance of UAT, to assess the user's UAV. It completes the ecological interoperability by connecting different UATs with MVP;

  3. What is the vision of Merculet?

    We aim at the growth of enterprises and the landing of personal values and truly fulfill the gap in the growth domain. By opening a truly distributed business community, all users will benefit from blockchain technology through Merculet without changing their habits; all entrepreneurs who cherish their users will achieve rapid growth through Merculet with providing them deeper values.

    The establishment of a distributed business requires three basic prerequisites:

    1. Internet Users Onboard

    2. Internet Enterprises Onboard

    3. The maturity of blockchain fundamental technology and products

    There is a huge gap between the enterprise­level needs of the Internet and the public chains. Merculet is committed to providing global Internet companies with standardized, large­scale, rapid adoption solutions (i.e., Internet Enterprises Onboard). Meanwhile, Merculet also aims to bring a massive amount of users and enterprises into the blockchain based Internet of Value, without changing the behavior of Internet users (i.e., Internet Users Onboard).

  4. Who are Merculet’s competitors?

    There is no competitor existing in the Merculet world. Merculet is in position to partner with all blockchain products or applications. What we want is Growth and a win­win situation for entrepreneurs and users.

    Merculet welcomes all partners who respect the value of users and embrace the new production relationships. We are highly open to cooperation because it is a time of global interchange between the old and the new, and there are too many things to do, even if companies have exactly the same thing as Merculet. It is also to accelerate the landing of the entire distributed commercial civilization, it is what we want to do.

    We believe that in the value­based Internet in the future, there would be no absolute dominating big enterprises. Instead, there would only be millions of small to medium­sized companies, and that is the realization of distributed commercial civilization.

  5. What makes Merculet stand out?

    6 points could be highlight:

    1. A holistic solution to solve the three rigid needs: enabling users to achieve value, meeting the growth needs of entrepreneurs, enriching the real user scenarios of the public chain and other infrastructure;

    2. Project will be launched to billions of netizens without changing their habits. The scalable effect will promote the achieving of new value circulation system.

    3. With the solution from Merculet, enterprise could achieve the token driven user operation and focus on the enhancement of ultimate personalized user experience. It’s committing to truly landing the distributed commercial civilization and accelerating the coming of the Internet of Value.

    4. The project received in­depth recognition from Prof. Shoucheng Zhang, Shen Bo and Roger Lim etc., and they personally acted as advisors. In addition, the project is fully supported by DHVC China Fund, FENBUSHI Capital, Krypital Group and other influential institutions in the industry.

    5. For more than three years, Merculet team has helped top mobile internet entrepreneurs by providing growth solutions in the areas of user attention and content. Built on these experiences with a solid starting point, the team aims to upgrade the business model of blockchain through their global operations.

    6. Merculet has defined partnership with diversified global partners, such as game distributing platform Elex, traffic operation and commercialization company Solo Ads. Merculet already has a promising path to achieve business practice.

    Based on all of these, Merculet believes that distributed commerce does not need ten years to grow, if companies and consumers could enter into the blockchain era with an efficient and effective one­stop solution, decentralization would be achieved within two years.

  6. What is Attention Value Network?

    Mobile Internet is essentially about traffic. The Internet of Value derived from the mobile Internet is essentially an attention economy.

    Merculet provides a holistic solution to help companies and users embrace the attention economy and build a distributed, value­focused network. It connects and fulfills the match and value exchange between the supply and demand side of attention.

    It consists of three core components: The UAV (User Attention Value) evaluation system, User Attention Token(UAT) as the foundation of attention incentive system and Open Content Platform to solve the problem of attention source.

  7. What is MVP token? Why we need it?

    MVP is short for Merculet Value Protocol and a standard ERC20 public chain asset.

    Enterprises can quickly enter other application circulation scenarios by anchoring their own UAT and MVP, or interact with the ecology of other public chain world; MVP also encourages ecologically beneficial behaviors and introduces strategic priorities. Incentive resources to ensure the healthy and orderly development of the entire growth ecology.

    MVP is the cornerstone of Merculet Attention Value System and anchored by UAT. MVP could connect different enterprises by certain rates and promote the value circulation between them.

    Meanwhile, MVP also provide better support for enterprises from various aspect, please check our whitepaper in section 2.2.

  8. What’s the difference between UAT and MVP?

    UAT is distributed through the technical support of Merculet. It builds the contractual relationship between each company and its own users. It is mainly used to distribute as the operation tools within the company. The initial operation is in the Internet Asset Layer which maintained by Merculet and the entrepreneurs. It also could mapping their asset to the public chain according to the needs of the enterprise;

    MVP has been explained in the previous question.

    In short, entrepreneurs could issue their own UATs and offer to users according to user’s UAV which based on their own operating rules. MVP comes from the Merculet Token Pool and soft­mining by different ways. Different UATs will run in specific APP/enterprise, while MVP will circulate across different apps/enterprises within the Merculet Ecology.

  9. Should I be able to mine MVP tokens?

    All MVP tokens pre­minted.

    Merculet's "mine" logic is not at the expense of consuming resources but is directly integrated into business­related processes. MVP rewards may come from enterprises that partner with Merculet, or they may come from Merculet.

    It’s identified as Soft­mining. There are few scenarios for “mining” MVP:

    1. To do things that are ecologically beneficial, you can "mine" MVP;

    2. Even if you don't do anything, as long as you normally use an app and pay your attention to it, you may “mine” MVP;

    3. you can “mine” MVP by performing content creation on the content distribution platform of Merculet or completing the tasks issued by communities;

    4. “Mining” MVP is also available during content distribution through the Merculet Strategic Partnership Program,

  10. What’s the different between Merculet and BAT(Basic Attention Token) project?

    A: The basic attention token (BAT) is to focus attention on a centralized browser to solve trust and user feedback problems in the advertising field.

    And Merculet's goal is to help companies solve user relationship operations and growth issues, to achieve value creation together with user.

    Merculet could reach thousands of scenarios and fulfill its target, including games, novel reading, vertical communities, etc., providing more comprehensive attention value evaluation from the perspective of effective user behavior. The judge factor of effective user behavior will include but not limited to browsing duration, behavioral interaction within the application, and event participation.

  11. What are the technical features of Merculet?
    1. Multi­level structure with Multi­Chain Asset: It balances the conflicts from many problems: intermediate state of mass Internet user behavior, large­scale micro­high­frequency trading and low performance of public chains, inability to estimate miner costs, proper data isolation and permissions and other issues.

      UAV and UAT will both being created and circulated in alliance chain and finally anchoring with MVP in the public chain.

    2. Merculet Protocol Suites: a series of protocol groups and a reference implementation of the upper DApp, such as Attention Tokenization Protocol(ATP), Attention Reward Protocol(ARP), Universal Content Protocol(UCP), Universal ID Protocol(UIP).

  12. Is Merculet an open source platform?

    Merculet will eventually be open source, but our primary goal is to prioritize the fulfillment of value and client’s needs.

    In 1st year, Merculet will focus on collaborating with as many ecological partners as possible to fit­in the various scenario and promote the value circulation.

    In 2nd year, Merculet will focus on ensuring the entire community can develop healthy without Merculet intervention(De­Mercu­lization).

    As an enabler for enterprise­level services, the code of asset layer will be completely open source. The rest part will be open source gradually. The priority for our partner and certified community developers is higher. Finally, We will open it to the entire community with sufficient stability and security.

  13. May other projects make their own Token Generation Event with Merculet?

    Merculet cannot help other projects to make their own Token Generation Event.

    What Merculet could do is to help them issue their token(UAT) before TGE and validate token­driven operation model in their product; It also let their users enjoy benefits in advance and embrace new production relations.

    The most important is: Merculet could help other projects to be well­preparation for the future TGE.

  1. Do I have to do registration and KYC for Merculet’s token sales?

    Yes. Our contribution sale and KYC process will be handled by our partner Tokeneed.com. Both registration and KYC are obligatory on Tokeneed.com.

  2. Who can participate in the Token Sale Event?

    Currently, we do not accept participants from United States and its territories, China and New Zealand. As well as countries and/or individuals sanctioned by OFAC and other internationally recognized agencies.

  3. What do I need to provide for KYC?

    Since the KYC will be handled by our partner Tokeneed.com, participants should follow this checklist from Tokeneed.com to prepare KYC:





    Passport Photo Page Scan Or Government Issued Photo ID Scan (Front & Back)

    Selfie Photo

  4. How long does the verification of KYC information take?

    The verification on Tokeneed.com normally takes around 5 business days (in certain cases, this process may take longer). Once approved, you will be notified through email of your eligibility to participate in the available projects.

  5. May I modify my KYC information after submission?

    Yes, please send your updated information to contact@merculet.io.

  6. What’s the process and schedule of MVP private sale?

    Our private sale starts at April 5th.

    1. Click the button “Private Sale Registration” on Merculet’s official website to open our registration Google form;

    2. Fill in and submit the Google form;

    3. Wait for Merculet’s review and approval;

    4. Only approved and selected candidates will receive our email notification through contact@merculet.io; Furthermore, follow the instruction in the confirmation email to complete your KYC;

    5. Once your KYC get approved, you will receive a participation instruction via email.

      Follow the instruction to transfer your contributions to Merculet, you will receive another email confirmation after the transaction is completed;

    6. * Please be cautious about scams! Some scammers will use a forged email but still showing <contact@merculet.io>. Make sure to double check your email sources or headers before you click “reply”.

  7. Is there a minimum or maximum of tokens I can contribute?

    For private sale participants, individual’s contributions start from 150 ETH and limit to 1000 ETH. For main sale participants, individual’s contributions start from 0.1 ETH and limit to 5 ETH.

  8. Does Merculet have a vesting period for MVP distributed in private sale? If so, how long is the vesting period?

    Yes, our vesting period is 5 months, for the tokens we distributed in private sale. The contributors will receive 20% vesting tokens each time, 5 times in total. The first 20% vesting tokens will be released within 6 weeks after we complete our public token sale.

    (There’s no vesting period for main sale. )

  9. Where can I get more help for the registration details?

    For more help, please reach out to us at:

    Telegram: https://t.me/merculet

    Email: contact@merculet.io

  10. What’s the process and schedule of MVP contribution event?

    MVP main sale will start from April 25th 8AM CST to April 30th 8AM CST.

    To participate in the event, you will need to register with Tokeneed and provide your KYC (Know Your Customer) information for approval. Once approved, you will be able to deposit accepted payment forms to contribute in our MVP token sale.

    1. Register an account using your phone number (this number cannot be modified);

      Submit your KYC documents for approval;

      Once approved. You may deposit accepted funds into your platform’s wallet;

      Participate in MVP contribution event;

      For security reasons, we will distribute MVP tokens via Tokeneed directly to your specified address. In some cases, when we are unable to send the tokens to your specified address, the tokens will be stored in Tokeneed’s cold wallet and shown in your account balance. You will have to withdraw the tokens manually. As for the token release time table, we generally retain absolute discretion in the token release timetable and Tokeneed has no control over the scheduling or the process.

  1. What is Tokeneed platform and what is it for?

    Tokeneed is a platform for Blockchain projects to list their ICOs.

  2. Why choose Tokeneed?
    1. Robust Security & Compliance

      Tokeneed offers robust and secure compliance structure that systematizes KYC and AML for ALL participants.

    2. High Security Storage

      With their sophisticated security structure, they are able to provide a high level of token storage security for not only the sophisticated participants but also the innovative project issuers like Merculet.

    3. Customer Service Support

      Tokeneed dedicates a team of comprehensive customer service professionals that provides full on support to our contributors.

  3. What’s the relationship between Merculet and Tokeneed?

    Since Tokeneed has all the above advantages, Merculet chooses to use this platform to launch our token contribution event.

  4. What currency would we be able to use to buy MVP Tokens on Tokeneed?

    Cryptocurrency - ETH. And we do not accept fiat currencies (including but not limited to US dollars, not even from accredited investors)

  5. May I use a cryptocurrency exchange address as the ETH address to receive my tokens?

    No. Please DO NOT use cryptocurrency exchange address (such as Coinbase, Binance, Huobi, OKEx, etc.) as the ETH address to receive your tokens, in which case there is a chance you may lose your tokens. If this happens, neither Tokeneed nor us will be held responsible for your loss. However, your wallet shall support ERC20 tokens (For example: imtoken, myetherwallet)

  6. Is there any wallet you recommend?

    Any wallets that support ERC20 tokens should be fine, such as MyEtherWallet, ImToken, etc.

  7. Where will the refunded tokens go?

    Your refunded tokens will be stored in your wallet on Tokeneed. You may choose to participate in an upcoming project or withdrawal them to your own address through Tokeneed’s withdrawal process. Again, please make sure it is an address of an ERC20 compatible wallet, which should not be the wallet from any crypto exchanges.

  8. How will I know if my purchase was successful?

    The balance of your purchase and the order history will be displayed in your account details on Tokeneed. You’ll also be notified through email/text message. It takes several security measures to distribute tokens and update your account details so please allow sufficient time for the transactions to be processed.

  9. What should I do if I lose my account password? Will I lose all my MVP Tokens?

    You can reset your account by using “Forget Password” option on Tokeneed. You won’t lose all your MVP Tokens.

  10. How long will I receive my MVP Tokens?

    Within 6 weeks after the token contribution completes.